What are the tax breaks for corporate donations ?


Tax concessions for corporate donations can be of different types. Companies can deduct the amount donated without absolute limit but within 10% of the total declared income (without the limit of 70,000 euros, as previously provided).

Furthermore, again within the limit of 10%, in the event that the deduction exceeds the value of the total income declared net of other deductions, the part of the deduction not taken can be carried forward in subsequent returns, up to the fourth subsequent tax period ( for example, a donation made in 2018 can even be discounted until 2023).

For the donor company, the donation follows the cash principle.



What are the tax concessions for donations from individuals ?


There are two types of tax concessions for donations from individuals.

In fact, natural persons can choose whether:

  • deduct the amount (for a maximum of 30,000 euros of donation) at 30%, or

  • deduct the amount donated without absolute limit but within 10% of the total declared income.


Between deduction and deduction it can be said that those who have an income greater than 30,000 euros have greater convenience to deduct. Consider the fact that it will be the person who will choose when completing the 2019 tax return whether to apply the deduction or the deduction: as for companies, in case of application of the deduction it will be possible for the taxpayer to bring the deduction part to future returns not enjoyed.



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